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Language courses for small kids - is there a need?

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nataliajjw Sat 17-Feb-18 20:21:47

Hello mummies! I've been exploring the idea of setting up an educational play centre for kids (pre school and younger primary), with a focus on teaching foreign languages (Spanish, French), but also a variety of other classes, e.g. creative thinking, performing arts, crafts etc. Do you think there's a need for such a place? Would you enrol your child if there was one in your area? If so, how much would you expect to play per language class? Thank you so much :-)

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theaveragewife Sat 17-Feb-18 20:23:27

Yes I would absolutely sign my children up to a foreign languages class.

—please get rid of the mummies bit next time—

nataliajjw Sat 17-Feb-18 20:49:02

sorry, clearly didn't read the etiquette bit ;-)

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Maryann1975 Sat 17-Feb-18 20:53:02

There was a company doing language classes for preschoolers and they also went into a couple of primary schools doing after school clubs once a week. They couldn’t get enough children to make it viable round here unfortunately, despite advertising heavily in all the right places.

XmasInTintagel Thu 22-Feb-18 16:06:33

I could see this being popular, if you made a session long enough for parents to dual purpose it as a bit of childcare so they got some free time! There's a limit on weekday evenings due to bedtimes, but if you did Saturday afternoon, say 2-3 hours (perhaps 3 separate activities, with a snack drink in the middle) I bet that'd be popular :-)

XmasInTintagel Thu 22-Feb-18 16:08:37

(And there doesn't have to be a 'need'for something, just accessories like socks and charms are a good example of stuff which sells, which isn't needed!)

Enidblyton1 Thu 22-Feb-18 16:12:03

Around here there is a really popular French cookery class for children aged 3-7.
There is definitely demand for this kind of thing - I wasn't looking for French classes, but the idea of cookery in French really appealed and my DD loves it.

Enidblyton1 Thu 22-Feb-18 16:14:51

It's about £10 per session (hour and a half)

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