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Children related business idea

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KLG3101 Sat 17-Feb-18 13:26:47

I’d planned to start a children’s party planning business. Not my main job as I work PT in a good career however just something I love doing and would make some extra pennies save for my DC. A
Good friend has just launched exactly what I planned. There’s no way either of us would have known, just bad luck and timing of my part. sad

Maybe it’s kist not my calling just now but what else could I do (children related) that doesn’t involve needing to rent premises or employ anyone else. I’m currently on maternity leave so have a bit of time to put a plan in place.

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honey7 Fri 13-Apr-18 11:21:13

I think you could still do a children's party planning business. Maybe you could do a children's baking party business where they bake cookies etc. You could also produce your own cookie or cupcake making kit to sell.

If you do not want do baking maybe choose a skill you are good at e,g jewellery making, crafts etc.
I know and ex nurse who does first aid workshops for children. They learn about First Aid and get a certificate.

If not just go with your original idea and do your party planning.

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