Tech/Eng/IT to Accpunt Manager - anyone done it?

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AhAgain Thu 01-Feb-18 21:36:16

I have fairly recently returned to work after a looooong career break. I have returned to a technical/Engineering/IT type role (which I did before). But I am definitely an “all rounder”/“bigger picture”/“people person” kind of gal, rather than a real technical geek. No problems, lots of positive feedback, generally very happy. We are currently in the annual review cycle and that and my enjoyment of some current work (client meetings and producing a significant proposal) has got me thinking about the future.... Whether I should look more towards the Businbess/Accoint Manager side of things.

Has anyone done a similar career move (from technical/professional/Engineering into Business/Account Management)? How did it go? Advive?

I wouldn’t do anything rash at the moment. Would probably see how things pan out over the next year, but am guessing that I could start doing things to open doors now (like volunteering further work on proposals and sales pitches).

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