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Confused - when do I need to do tax return?

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HopelesslyHopeful87 Sun 14-Jan-18 20:54:15

Started as self employed in May 2017. I keep seeing people talk about end of Jan deadline but I'm sure I was told I didn't need to do it yet but now I'm panicking.

I only have earnings to declare from the May to the October as I then received mat allowance and stopped taking work as spd was too bad to work.

Please someone tell me I don't need to do anything yet...

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Fitzsimmons Sun 14-Jan-18 20:57:20

The January deadline refers to the last tax year that runs from April 2016 to April 2017.

You will need to submit your self assessment by January next year, but you'll be able to do it from April this year. HTH.

blackberryfairy Sun 14-Jan-18 20:59:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HopelesslyHopeful87 Sun 14-Jan-18 21:04:12

Phew. I was sure I didn't need to do it but you know when you overthink something it becomes so unclear what you're supposed to do! I have no idea what it involves but I'm sure it's pretty obvious once I get into it.

My mat allowance runs until July so I won't be adding any more earnings to my tax year so might as well do it as soon as I can in April.

Thanks 😊

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SingaSong12 Sun 14-Jan-18 21:06:32

You will need to submit a tax return after the end of the tax year, which runs April - April. You submit after the year so don't have to do anything yet, but you should be registered as self employed. Info on it below. It is also worth looking online for support running a small business. There are some points on but there might something local.

blackberryfairy Sun 14-Jan-18 21:10:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HopelesslyHopeful87 Sun 14-Jan-18 21:20:04

I have a spreadsheet with all incoming and outgoing on it. I am prepared. I guess it's just inputting onto a form after that.

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HopelesslyHopeful87 Sun 14-Jan-18 21:21:16

I am registered as self employed. Have utr and government gateway etc.

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blackberryfairy Sun 14-Jan-18 21:51:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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