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Dog walking/pet sitting business

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StathamsSopranino Wed 03-Jan-18 09:32:50

Wasn’t sure where to post this to get traffic so I’m trying here after no success in ‘Startups’...

I’m really keen to start up my own dog walking/pet sitting business. I have qualifications in animal management and whilst I know I could do the ‘work’ - I have absolutely no idea about what’s involved in starting up something like this and how I even begin to get myself out there with it! confused Are there any dog walkers/pet sitters out there who would be able to help and give me some invaluable info on things I need to consider?! I know I’d need public liability insurance but what else?!

I also have no idea about if/when I’d need to register as self employed, pay tax etc. Seriously, I’m completely clueless (as you can probably tell) but I really want to do it! I’ve already put it off for many years as I just haven’t felt confident about the ‘business’ side of things, but this year I really want to try and make it happen, otherwise I know I never will.

If anyone out there can give me any advice/words of wisdom etc at all on how to go about things and what I need to do to get started I’d be extremely grateful!!! smile

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