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Anybody ever feel like this as self employed/work from home/working with clients?

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lizzyttc2017 Sun 26-Nov-17 23:30:24

Hi ladies,

Basically I just need to vent and see if any of you other ladies ever feel this way and how you deal with it.

Im a baby photographer and I work from home doing newborn and baby portrait sessions in my home studio. Sounds lovely doesn't it? And yes it is, I mean.. of course I love getting to photograph gorgeous babies and providing families with a set of images that they will cherish forever.

The problem is I work SO hard and sometimes I feel guilty for really not enjoying my job when I know I perhaps should?

I work around 6 days a week, 5 of those days I'm working from morning until around midnight between doing actual sessions and struggling to get editing done on time. I am currently pregnant so I am hoping that after my little maternity leave this will improve as I will be working more part time hours so it'll be less intense?

Secondly.. I feel so lonely and bored of sitting at home and staring at my computer editing constantly. I have nobody to talk to and my social life is a lot more limited. I used to work in childcare before so although I don't think Id ever go back to that due to terrible pay I had lots of colleages to chat with and even have a good moan to if you just were not having a great day.

Third thing is.. I always dread having a busy day of clients. I know I said I sometimes feel lonely but chatting to clients and being professional and super cheery and friendly isn't quite the same. The night before and morning of a busy session day I just dread it. Do any of you ladies with clients ever feel this way? 9 times out of 10 they are all lovely, but I think its just the knowing I am having these people come to my home studio and I will need to do the best job I can and make a good impression etc etc. I kind of build it up as I never seem to mind as much when I have a editing day at home... there is less pressure.

I kind of feel like Im blabbering on but I don't know any other photographers or self employed people who I can just vent to. I feel like everybody thinks its sunshine and rainbows and we are so 'lucky' to be self employed but actually its a very difficult, full on and often lonely place to be. I don't have any plans to stop doing what Im doing because the benefits are there 100% especially once my little one is here and I have that flexibility. Therefore, Im just wondering how you all cope with ever feeling this way? Any tips or tricks or things you tell yourself to get out of a funk?


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karriecreamer Mon 27-Nov-17 08:47:12

I certainly felt that way when I started my accountancy practice from home. But, a lot of it was not managing client expectations, taking on too much work and not charging enough. It's very common for new start ups. You chase every little bit of work you can as you're frightened of not succeeding. You don't value yourself so you end up charging too little. Quite simply, it's very easy, and very common, to become a busy fool. I had a hellish 2/3 years when I started out as I fell into this trap.

The answer is to believe in yourself, have confidence in yourself, increase your pricing and reduce the number of clients. Higher charges from fewer clients leads to the same income, but gives you a better work/life balance and you can do a better job for the clients. Even in times of "austerity", you'd be surprised what money people find to spend on things they value. You need to find ways to justify a higher charge, i.e. better quality, faster service, reputation, etc. Build up your repeat business & referrals - people pay more for a service which is recommended by a friend/relative and you're not competing against others for people just shopping around for the cheapest.

TiannaJW2016 Tue 28-Nov-17 02:04:17


I'm new to my photography and I am also a nurse/midwife. I totally understand. It ia such a lonely world and facing the computer all day is draining.

Fancy being friends? I'd be mpre than happy to chat away.

Have you had tome to just shoot something for you? No client pressure?

I agree with the above comment too. Value and self worth is something us women struggle with.

I should be sleeping but hope to hear from you?

T x

lizzyttc2017 Mon 04-Dec-17 20:47:14

Hey T,

Yeah definetly! It certainly helps having somebody to talk to.
No not really, since becoming a full time photographer I barely take photos as a hobby anymore. Im hoping when baby arrives I can rekindle the love of photography (And videography) for me!

I definitely do struggle with self worth and value, I'm constantly being a perfectionist and worrying the work I am producing is not good enough even though Im constantly booked up with 5* reviews and Im always turning potential clients away because of no space.. I should probably think about upping my prices as they are currently VERY competitive.

Thanks ladies!

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someoneseatenmyapple Sat 06-Jan-18 16:18:14

I'm not a photographer but know where you are coming from. Take a look at this blog post - Rebecca photographed a relative's wedding and is predominantly a wedding photographer, but I suppose everything is relative, no matter what genre you choose to photograph.

Also are you on Instagram. Its a great way to connect with others in your industry.


TiannaJW2016 Sat 06-Jan-18 17:00:25


I didnt know you had replied! I think the self worth is the hardest part isnt it? But your reviews and full diary is a testament to your work but we constantly want more don't we?

You know what you gotta dooooo 😍😌 up those prices! Xx

Happy New Year xx

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