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Loss of confidence?

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user1492374376 Thu 02-Nov-17 15:35:37

So I'm currently freelance working from home which I enjoy as I choose my hours. I'm well travelled and go abroad a lot and have been all over the world mainly with my partner or girlfriends. I've been a stay at home mum/freelancer for 6 years now as where I live there are no opportunities for me to work elsewhere with the same salary (I live abroad). I have the opportunity to go to Miami every year for a few days as part of my job. I know this might sound strange but I've really feel uncomfortable about going somewhere so far on my own without my husband. (I've never been to the us) I guess I want to know is it normal to not want to do things like this on your own when you've been with your partner for years and have young kids? I'm in my early forties. Do most mums out there prefer to go on trips abroad with hubbies? I'm just wondering if this is a confidence thing or just what happens when you're married. I am very confident in all other aspects of my life!

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