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Do I need planning permission to switch building from A1 to A2 use?

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Sonders Mon 09-Oct-17 16:00:01

I'm in the process of upgrading my office space and have found a new premises which could be perfect, but I'm really struggling to get my head around business use classes.

The unit was previously a shop, so I guess A1. From what I understand, my business falls under A2.

This page suggests that I don't need planning permission for the switch:

But the lady at my local authority said to put in an application, but was also pretty clear that she wasn't really sure and that there's nobody else to ask.

Can anybody advise? I want to be informed in case I fall in love at the viewing and then mess up the process!

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delilahbucket Tue 10-Oct-17 22:36:31

According to this planning permission is not required as the use falls under the same class.

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