New Degree apprenticeships announced !

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catslife Mon 02-Oct-17 13:15:39

Apparently there are going to be opportunities for degree apprenticeships in 27 new areas see link
But it's unclear what areas these will be in and it looks as if there is no new money either.
My additional question as a parent of a dc in Y13 is when will these opportunities be available from?

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TeenTimesTwo Wed 04-Oct-17 14:37:41

So, they have announced something, but won't say what, won't say when, and have provided no new money?
Good thing they've let us know isn't it? grin

RuskinMarc Thu 05-Oct-17 12:51:26

It takes time for the standards to be approved and for assessment plans to be confirmed. On top of that, because Degree Apprenticeships are primarily jobs with training (not training with jobs) it requires that companies start recruiting apprentices so our DCs can start applying for them.

I'm currently in early stage conversations with a number of employers to try and get vacancies advertised and promoted to current Yr13 students now, so they can apply now, start work over the summer and commence their course in September 18 - but it's a long and complicated supply chain and is individualised to each employer.

catslife Fri 06-Oct-17 09:56:31

Thanks for the background ruskinmarc it's helpful to see things from the other side of the fence as it were. However some of our dcs are being encouraged (by sixth forms) to apply for uni and take degrees because "there aren't any level 4 apprenticeships in that area".
As an aside with A levels how do you decide which level of apprenticeship to apply for? does it depend on whether the apprenticeship is relevant to the A levels or something else.

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RuskinMarc Fri 06-Oct-17 10:54:18

"with A levels how do you decide which level of apprenticeship to apply for? does it depend on whether the apprenticeship is relevant to the A levels or something else."

A levels are Level 3 so anything above that. A degree apprenticeship would be ideal as it takes them all the way through to level 6 but it may be that degree level apprenticeships don't exist for the career they want.

So, for instance if they want to be an Organ Builder, then they'd be looking at continuing at Level 3 albeit with a deep specialism

But if they want a technology / IT career then they can get a degree level apprenticeship

As is noted, it's also about what vacancies are available and whether DC is willing / able to travel/move for them. The main portion of my work is trying to find suitable employers and supporting them to put on high-quality apprenticeship programmes (so there are more vacancies for DCs to apply to). So if you work in or run a business that has scope to take on a Degree Apprentice hit me up ;-)

RuskinMarc Fri 06-Oct-17 10:56:41

EDIT: Just to add, the degree part of a Degree Apprenticeship may have particular subject requirements, it will certainly have a minimum grade / UCAS tariff requirement - so this may also have an impact on DCs options.

On top of that employers can ask for anything (qualification wise) over and above the minimum academic requirement so that will have an impact too.

catslife Sun 08-Oct-17 14:35:47

The list of approved courses is here:,115787,en.html
Not sure if I am clear what some of these courses actually are though.

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Lucyccfc Mon 30-Oct-17 10:37:09

I took on 2 degree apprentices this year - Quantity Surveying. They needed A levels or BTECs that gave them 104 UCAS points. They also needed A-C in maths and English GCSE. They have a 5 year internal training plan and they are doing a 5 year part time apprenticeship degree with Salford Uni.

I am planning on more for 2018, providing the standards have been signed off and end point assessment agreed.

We advertise on our own website.

Lots of the large construction/engineering companies are already taking on degree apprenticeships - Balfour Beatty, Sellafield and Rolls Royce. Not all advertise on the Government website, but on their own.

Lucyccfc Mon 30-Oct-17 10:40:18

Just to add - we pay for all our apprenticeships through our levy, as will other employers.

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