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Zionsmummy Mon 25-Sep-17 15:49:40

I am currently starting my 2nd year in Early Childhood studies, however I am dreading it because my university messed up my modules. I started the course in 2015 but due to mitigating circumstances I didn't complete all my modules and had to repeat the year. I got through all of the modules 'I was given' last year and when it came to the end of the year I was told by my tutor that I had two modules outstanding. My tutor came with me to admin to check if there was an error on the system, when they checked they said there was no error and I need to do both modules to get into year 2. At the beginning of my repeat year I picked up on this and questioned it and was told that if it was not on my timetable then I shouldn't worry! I mentioned it again mid year just to be sure and was told the same thing. Now I am able to go into year 2 but I have to still attend lectures and complete the assignments before I can be funded. I don't know if there's anyone I can speak to at my uni about this as most staff have been unhelpful. I have a three year old who attends nursery everyday so the funding side of things is really stressing me out I resigned from my job so I can focus on this year so I am financially fucked!

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