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Thoughts please

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GeneandFred Thu 21-Sep-17 02:37:06

I'm thinking about starting my own home scent business making candles and reed diffusers.

I would offer 4 scents to begin with and offer testers and refills.

Selling via Esty, Instagram and Facebook. I already run an entertainment business and this practically runs itself now so I am used to the social media/website side of things.

I have experience of candle making and used to run workshops.

What does everyone think? Has anyone got any advice or what legal things I would need to start up? It's just an idea at moment.


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CheersTearsFears Thu 21-Sep-17 04:19:04

Both are so readily available in so many scents at prices I imagine you won't be able to match that I can't see how this would be successful. Unless there's something niche or original about your candles that you haven't mentioned.

AlphaStation Thu 21-Sep-17 04:26:36

First, to say my personality type is employee through and through, but what popped into my mind is if it would be at all useful to "binge-watch" some episodes of Dragons Den (one of my favourite programs btw) to see how they argue and what they look for when people come with sometimes the most crazy ideas, but now and then a really good idea too. OK, this wasn't anything about those legal things but could perhaps be a useful idea still, the series ran on the telly some years ago.

Hoppinggreen Wed 27-Sep-17 08:16:25

I don't see why there is a need for another provider, the market is pretty saturated so unless you have a really good USP I can't see it working

missbeautyb Mon 02-Oct-17 11:27:28

In my opinion you are starting the right way as in 4 scents to start with so therefore you are testing the market.

When you start to sell them you could then survey your customers and find out what other scents they would be interested in purchasing. The responses you receive will then help you decided if what other scents to add to the range.

You mentioned that you used to run candle making workshops maybe you could run scent making workshops?

You already run a business and have experience on social media which is a bonus. smile

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