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Selling jam, what's involved?

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littleoctonauts Mon 18-Sep-17 00:05:40

I'm thinking of starting to sell home made jam at a food market and maybe in some local independent shops if they'll have me. What are the laws and regulations I need to follow?


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Ginfiend Mon 18-Sep-17 00:08:39

Best bet is to contact your local environmental health team at the council and they'll let you know specifically what you need. Some councils are more strict than others!

Ginfiend Mon 18-Sep-17 00:10:55

From a retailer point of view-
You'd need to be registered with environmental health as a food business.
Have a 5* food rating
Temperature checks
HACCP and allergen information
Evidence of supplier control- e.g. Where is the fruit coming from?

littleoctonauts Mon 18-Sep-17 20:48:41

Thank you this is really helpful. I'll contact the local council. I hope it's not too bureaucratic as the hassle might put me off!

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delilahbucket Tue 19-Sep-17 14:51:31

You will need to speak to trading standards about labelling as well as environmental health. I am assuming you already have at least the basic hygiene certificate? Plus, don't forget your insurances and to register with HMRC as self employed.

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