anyone works in a factory (dh thinking of working in the jaguar factory)

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biglips Thu 31-Aug-17 08:42:26

Can anyone tell me what it is like? working hours, pay,etc, as dh said you will never see me.

as he's self employed atm and we are struggling financially. (i work part time in a local cafe, cant afford to look for a full time job).


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biglips Thu 31-Aug-17 12:00:00


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TheHobbitMum Thu 31-Aug-17 12:12:49

My Husband works in a motor manufacturer plant, not Jaguar but it's similar. There are certain plants that do each process engine, paint, weld etc They each have their own processes to complete. Most do the same particular process as the cars are on the conveyor so it's very repetitive but fast paced. There are 3 shifts on shop floor early 6-2.20pm, lates, 2.20-10pm nights10pm-6am and you can either work rotating shift or a set shift. My DH started off on the factory floor on a line process and now has progressed to working in the offices on a permanent day shift (6-2.20pm mon-thurs 8am-12.40 Fri) and has management pay. The factory shutdowns are good (DH factory shuts down each year for 2.5wks over Xmas, 1wk, may school holidays, 2 wks in August) as are holiday (15days of our choosing) , sick pay, pension etc and pays better than most employers locally I think basic pay is 16.40p/h, then you get production bonus, shift bonus, attendance bonus etc on top . It's hard work but if you can get on with it you can make a good career from it and I've never felt we don't see him if anything it's helped us more over the years with childcare etc and DH can do afternoon school pick ups and has a lot of the school holidays off smile

TheHobbitMum Thu 31-Aug-17 12:15:36

Sick pay is a year of full pay then goes to a meeting with occupational health for discussion on returning to work or longer sick pay, pension is final salary scheme (not sure of that is available to new workers though), private healthcare & life insurance is standard also. Anything else I can help with just shout

verystressedmum Thu 31-Aug-17 12:25:09

You may find that if your dh is not in a management role in the factory he won't be getting anywhere near what hobbits dh does.
If he's saying you'll never see him he probably has some idea of his hours, do you know what they are?
Many production operatives get minimum wage, almost zero sick pay, and the basic holidays. But it would of course entirely depend on what your particular factory is offering. Do you know any of that?

TheHobbitMum Thu 31-Aug-17 12:44:48

That's all standard stressed mum, infact he doesn't get production bonus etc as he's not on the shop floor smile My DH gets a higher basic wage but not the bonuses. Wages are good so jobs are sought after, if people can handle the first month of hard work they can amd often do stay for many, many years.

Also forgot to say Saturday & over time is time & half, bank holiday is triple pay (the conditions at the plant my DH works at is the same as the 2 other local ones also so I think it's all pretty much standard)

biglips Thu 31-Aug-17 17:22:59

Hobbit - no not looked into it yet as only start talking about it this week. My cousin's dh, his brother and his uncle all works there. They didn't have any qualifications and were trained up. my dh got no qualifications too.

There's no jobs there atm but the agencies are involved. Indeed I think.

Hobbit but wow all the info that you gave me. I really appreciate it as it sort of gives me an idea.

Stressed we don't know nothing yet dh gotta give my cousins dh a bell.

I said give another 12 m on his business and see where we are.

Many thanks again

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TheHobbitMum Thu 31-Aug-17 17:33:20

Yeah DH factory also use agency to find staff and he then interviews with others. Most people have no qualifications so don't let that worry him/you, DH had none until he started and he's been trained in alsorts since (has degrees etc). Good luck it could be a good way to see you through a tough time until you're back on your feet smile

biglips Thu 31-Aug-17 17:53:31

Thank you hobbit

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