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rosiesbeauty Sat 12-Aug-17 11:25:27

Hi I'm a mobile beauty therapist and rely on Facebook and recommendations to build my business up. Just wondering how do I get people to book an appointment through my Facebook page? Also any advice to other beauty therapists or people with own business to get clients become regulars?

Thank you

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Jivebunny89 Sun 20-Aug-17 19:33:55

I'm not a beauty therapist, nor use an FB page for retail, but I have used many beauticians and it took me years to find one I really like.

Make your prices and treatments as clear as possible. Don't say "Vegas Wax" and expect everyone to know what that means.

Do make expectations of your visits clear. What do you need from your client, and what they can expect of you.

Get as much contact info up as possible. One salon I used had an email address which didn't work. If you're happy to take phone calls, state what time you're happy to answer your phone.

As far as online bookings, one business I work for uses bookingbug. Is that an option for you?

Loyalty cards are good. One I have is "have 9 visits costing £10 or more and get a free/discounted 10th treatment".

Finally, I once had a hairdresser who I might only have seen 4 times a year. We'd chat and she'd remember every detail about what I'd told her. Even if I'd walk in for a fringe trim, she'd ask for an update on a particular situation. I felt that we could be genuinely friends. Nothing made me feel more valued.

Get yourself to some ladies only networking groups. They're brilliant.

Sorry that I've not been able to answer your specific questions, but nevertheless hope you do really well.

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