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ADVICE on my SON STARTING a Hither Green/Lewisham cleaning business

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Julyjones73 Wed 02-Aug-17 01:33:47

So my 16 yr old teen son is wanting to clean homes so he can make some money for the summer, he's always been quite entrepreneurial.

I'm writing here to ask what you think he should charge, I was thinking £10-£15? I'd also love to know your opinion on just ok he idea in general, as I dont even know if people would want a teen cleaning their homes! If not any ideas of anything else he could do?

Regards! smile

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Evangeline3 Wed 02-Aug-17 03:32:56

Is that £10-£15 per hour?

hesterton Wed 02-Aug-17 03:36:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Callamia Wed 02-Aug-17 03:52:58

Most cleaners in that area don't charge more than £10-12, so he'd need to be careful not to price himself out.

I'm not sure I'd want someone with no previous experience cleaning my house. Does he know about what products to use on what surfaces? (Eg I've got work surfaces that it wouldn't be too difficult to mark if you used the wrong thing or got them very wet - stupid things). Would he use his own products, or what was in the house? I think his main challenge would be trying to persuade people that he was credible - could he provide recommendations?

BritInUS1 Wed 02-Aug-17 04:04:16

I wouldn't want a teen cleaning my house. What about cleaning cars, mowing lawns, etc

SonicBoomBoom Wed 02-Aug-17 04:07:36

I wouldn't want a teen cleaning my house either. Sorry if that's considered ageist.

hesterton Wed 02-Aug-17 04:14:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Evangeline3 Wed 02-Aug-17 07:07:58

If it's ph I think it is too pricey.
There are cleaners I have for £11ph if they bring their own materials or around £7.50/ £8 if I provide materials and are very thorough and experienced. If he's an inexperienced 16 year-old then he's overcharging. Minimum wage for a 16 year-old old is around £4.50.
As for setting up a cleaning business, do you mean him being a self-employed cleaner or literally setting up a business?
As I wouldn't really recommend setting up a cleaning business in such a competitive area, at that age and by ones self.

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