Help writing a business plan please

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ringle Sat 29-Jul-17 20:18:44

I'm a freelancer with a company but I've spotted an opportunity to develop a side of the business that isn't being fully exploited.

I have to write a business plan. I've only seen a few business plans in my time and those have been bad ones.

I would appreciate any pointers....


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pootlepootle Sun 30-Jul-17 13:34:15

Start off with the money.

The rule of thumb is that people read the summary at the beginning and then look at the cashflow projections at the back.

So when i'm writing them, i start with the cashflow which makes you ask lots of questions of yourself about how much you think you're likely to earn, when in the year you're likely to earn it and it'll slowly come together.

best of luck smile

Kazzyhoward Sun 30-Jul-17 14:15:22

Definitely financials first. Most people can waste hours/days on the narrative and then hit the financials and find it doesn't work financially or they simply can't work out the financials.

Do the financials first - that will highlight any weaknesses in the figures (either the figures themselves or your understanding of how the numbers work). Loads and loads of templates etc on the internet.

Do the narratives and "wordy" bits last.

ringle Mon 31-Jul-17 13:13:40

Ah, that is very helpful.

And a problem, as I have no access to the financials.....

(I am hoping to egotiate a small stake in return for this work).

Should I raise this now?

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pootlepootle Mon 31-Jul-17 20:58:39

Im sorry, i dont understand your post ringle.

ringle Mon 31-Jul-17 22:09:11

Sorry, will try again.

So: the story is, I started working as a consultant for this company a year ago after a dozen years working completely alone. The company is owned by one person, Bob.

The pay is poor but I quickly saw that there was loads that could be done to grow my own specialist area of work. Bob has an amazing network/client base but they don't send the work I specialise in to him (yet). Bob and I broadly agreed that I would write a business plan on how to achieve this growth. I hope Bob will agree either to give me shares or up the charge-out rates (leaving more margin to pay me more).

That's where I've got to.

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