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CeeCee123 Wed 26-Jul-17 21:17:26

Hi guys,
I'm really interested in finding out if I could offer a valuable service to small or tiny retail businesses. In particular, I have many years experience in large retail chains, working on sales forecasting and stock management to drive profit. I'd love to know if these kind of tools would translate well and be valuable to smaller retailers.
What do you all think? If you run such a business, would it be something you'd find useful - to know how big retailers create, categorise, evaluate and manage their assortments, and applying it to your own business?

If so, would anyone on here be open to talking to me in more detail? I'd really appreciate some insight.

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blacksax Thu 27-Jul-17 00:37:21

I wouldn't have thought this is something that would appeal to them all that much. Small independent retailers are usually finding it hard to make enough money just to stay open (or the owners are so stubborn and set in their ways they'd never change anything in a million years).

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