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30 hours free childcare and self-employment

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OiBlin Tue 18-Jul-17 15:20:43

Just wondering if anyone had any more knowledge or understanding of the above. I am self-employed but currently don't earn national minimum wage equivalent (2 dc, just starting back up after maternity leave and fit hours round limited childcare).

Upon checking government calculators etc., it doesn't look like we're eligible due to my currently earning below nmw equivalent. But funnily enough, with maternity allowance, I thought I was going to get £27 per week due to just starting up at the time and having a poor weekly income, thankfully later found out as long as I'd paid NI then I would receive the higher rate and earnings wouldn't even be taken into consideration. It was forums like this that told me though and not the gov websites!

So, to my question: does anyone know if similar applies (i.e NI contributions are the major factor), or are earnings of the self-employed actually taken into consideration with 30 hours free childcare? Bit of a vicious circle - I'd be able to work/earn more if the childcare was available, but currently making things work with what we have available. TIA

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