Self employment tax credits

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mayoli Thu 06-Jul-17 12:33:44

Soooo..... the tax credits office have 'lost' my evidence for tax credits. Understandably, I am raging. They've asked me to send everything out again and I'm currently on holiday but I'm going to do it whilst I'm here.

I don't have the list of evidence they need with me (obviously) so does anyone know exactly what they need as evidence? They won't tell me over the phone and I won't get a letter until the 12th, I want to get it sent away by then! I've got my laptop with me so can print out everything needed, I just can't remember what is needed.

Thanks smile

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levegal7 Sun 30-Jul-17 09:58:55

When you say evidence, I am guessing it is evidence to prove you are self employed and not just hobbying?

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