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Can anyone guide me through closing ltd co.??

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Pollyanna9 Mon 19-Jun-17 20:51:16

Hi all

I worked Ltd for a bit and initially was doing all my accounts thru a management company. Contract ended, no more contracting roles going so I decided I'd close down the co. It's been a right nightmare since then as I've had truly shocking quotes (up to £2k) to do that work for me and then incorrect advice from the accountant I was going to use which result is that I've missed a deadline at co's house. To do the closedown was going to be £200 +VAT but I then got a letter to say that I'd missed a deadline and now have only 14 days (13 now) to submit the documentation. This is directly due to them telling me that I 'have until October'.

I've now lost faith in them, don't want to give them two hundred quid and certainly not two hundred and fifty - but I'm struggling to know what I need to do and how I'd produce the final set of accounts etc.

Has anyone done this themselves and could tell me what I need to do? This is for the period 1 June 2016 TO 30 NOVEMBER 2016.

I've got to say I'm utterly confused and feel really under pressure because of the cock-up and now I have to get this in to them by the next 13 days. I'm struggling to concentrate (menopausal fog) and finding it difficult to even do my self assessment this year.

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Badbadbunny Wed 21-Jun-17 11:31:40

First things first. It's not clear what the 13 day deadline applies to. Is is accounts, is it the annual return???

You can find out easily yourself, just go onto the companies house website, type in your company name and it will give the due dates for each and then you can see what's what.

Then take it from there, once you know what the deadline relates to. Could be something quick and simple you could do yourself. Could be something that can easily be changed to give you more time.

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