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Help/Advice needed for new play group

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xxHelenExx Tue 09-May-17 21:05:13

Hi, I was wondering if I could get some feedback from all of you lovely mums out there... I'm a qualified teacher looking for a new venture. I was thinking of starting a new play group for pre-school children, aged 2-5, and would love any advice/input. My play group would be mainly a board games club where mums and their children could come and play games in the company of other children their age. Board games hold so much educational value and a club like this would teach children the vital skills of turn taking and sharing with others, not to mention learning that they can't always win! Early Maths and English development, fine motor skills are a few of the benefits of board games. All of this in a safe environment with their parents/careers. I would offer craft activities alongside this as well as other toys, with a group game at the end such as The Farmer's in his Den etc. Refreshments would be offered as well! If all went well I would open it up to school age children in the holidays as well, with age appropriate games.
Does this sound like the type of group you would be interested in taking your child? How much would you be willing to pay for a group like this? Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated for me to see whether this would be a viable group for me to run! Thank you!xx

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2littlemoos Tue 13-Jun-17 14:04:55

It's always nice to hear of different kinds of groups. If my DD was, maybe 4, I would definitely go.

But at 2 I probably wouldn't. As much as she loves crafts and learning things, you can't beat letting her run around, climing, chasing, balancing etc. At this age I would rather pay (like I do) for soft play and toddler sense etc. because she is getting something I can't offer at home.

It is a nice idea for older toddlers though. My 2yo now knows how to take turns but there were a few meltdowns before she grasped the idea and that could be unfair on the older toddlers who just want to play the game iyswim.

Holidayhooray Mon 24-Jul-17 15:56:52

No, it doesn't sound like an idea I'd be interested in.

Board games... perfect to kill a bit of time at home. Not going to haul ass to go to a venue to do the same. Added to which loads will have younger siblings with them, which rules out board games. Added to which, at play group I used to like to kick back, have a cuppa and a chat with friends!!

BackforGood Mon 24-Jul-17 16:05:17

Lol. Realise this is from May, so you might have decided, but....

Like holiday - I would never have taken dc to that. Some board games at 4,5,6 have a place, but you can do them in your house, just with your dc.
You go to a group to run about, do messy things you don't want in your house, to meet other parents and chat whilst the dc roam a large hall on a trike or something that won't fit in your living room.
2 and 3 yr olds don't need to be encouraged to sit down and do board games - there are lots of other more interesting things they could be doing.

InDubiousBattle Mon 24-Jul-17 16:12:33

I have a 2 year old and a 3.5 year old and we wouldn't really be interested i'm afraid. Board games will hold their attention for 10 minutes or so but it involves heavy input from me! At toddler groups I like to sit with a cup of tea and watch them race around a church hall with different toys and other kids. The toddler groups I go to are around £2 with a drink and snack for the dc and a drink for me. Other more structured classes I've done are nearer a fiver and this has put people off with more than one child.

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