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Sandwich/cake shop names

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lorza03 Thu 27-Apr-17 10:01:51

Hi all...I'm a keen baker and always like to create new and unique recipes. ..I am thinking of opening a shop with my husband as he is a commercial catering engineer...I would like to iclude food in my shop that is benficial for people with dietary requirements such as gluten or lactose. And also have options for vegan and vegetarian customers. Im not the most inventive with names..has anyone any goof suggestions ?😀😀

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JaxingJump Thu 04-May-17 07:40:36

Avoid things like 'Sarah's sandwich shop'.
You can pick anything really.
What is the design of the store?

The fresh sandwich company
'Your surname' if it's a nice one - Barns & Co. or something
Something cool like 'The Sandwich shack'
Or 'Pan & Cheese' (not my best work but something like that).

It's pretty limitless but avoid anything that is cheesy. Like 'Toasties' or 'Sarah Bakes' etc.

thethoughtfox Thu 04-May-17 09:17:16

Cake That

thethoughtfox Thu 04-May-17 09:18:04

That Cake's the Biscuit ( apologies!)

thethoughtfox Thu 04-May-17 09:19:13

Bake That

yohoohoo Wed 10-May-17 11:51:49

Lorza's Kitchen
Sweet Sensations
Beyond Sweet
Allergy & Beyond
Red Velvet Bakery
Naturally Bakes
Naturally Yours
Au Naturale
The Health Hut
Nature's Way
Natural Fuel
Healthy Options
Nature's Way
Simply Natural
Earthbound Foods

2littlemoos Tue 13-Jun-17 14:07:26

I like pp's "allergy and beyond" !

Although might not jump out so much to those without dietary requirements (like myself)

cabbage67 Sat 07-Oct-17 18:43:44

I know this is an old thread, but how about Big Baps?

DonkeyOaty Sat 07-Oct-17 18:50:16

No. Just no.

Reflexella Fri 03-Nov-17 01:05:05

big baps 😂

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