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What sort of casual/freelance work could I do with these skills? Design work? Private tutoring?

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Crunchyside Wed 19-Apr-17 15:25:20

I'm being made redundant and planning on being an SAHM for a few months or so as I'm having my second baby soon, but looking ahead to what I can do next. I'm thinking about private tutoring or some occasional freelance work as I only need a smallish income to boost our family finances a little bit.

My A-Levels were in English Lit, Religious Studies and Spanish, I have a 2:1 Philosophy degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Human-Computer Interaction (its sort of interface design and psychology stuff).

I have had a 5 year career as a UX Designer - basically researching, testing and designing apps and websites for a big international corporation. I also design apps which my husband programs and we sell on the app store although this is sort of a hobby and doesn't bring in a huge amount of revenue.

Is there much remote/work-from-home work available in this field without having to live near London?

Or should I try private tutoring for school kids? I don't know what subjects I could tutor for...

Struggling for ideas!

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Cagliostro Wed 19-Apr-17 15:41:31

Do you know anyone who home educates? If you've got a busy community locally, you may get a fair bit of work that way. I HE my DCs and you'd be amazed at how many different subjects and workshops are sought after and set up by parents working with tutors etc. It's really quite amazing. The only issue is that if you are a total outsider (without an 'in' like a friend or relative who HEs) it's more difficult to break into that market. But you never know what might happen if you advertise. Lots of local stuff has been set up by somebody seeing a regular (as in not HE-specific) class/teacher advert, and contacting them to suggest a HE group

I tutor subjects I'm passionate about, I'm not a qualified teacher but I get a fair amount of work because I work in a different way and I have built up a strong reputation particularly for my (unusual) approach with children with autism who would not necessary get on with a regular, more school-like approach. It's not a massive earner as I charge much less than market rates due to not being officially qualified but it's been great for me, my (dodgy) health and flexibility round my DCs.

Facebook was what kicked my business off BTW, just a local selling site

AnisQiz Thu 20-Apr-17 17:26:48

The UX design work certainly has legs to do remotely. Do you enjoy it?

justatoe1 Thu 20-Apr-17 21:38:29

There's a big demand for app design. I know a local guy who does this, I don't think his apps are particularly good, but he is always very busy.

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