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notimetoshop Wed 19-Apr-17 22:55:36

Thanks so much user and hekabe,
I am already a volunteer at the school so have a DBS check. I thought I'd run it as a lunchtime club for free at first just to see if there is interest and to trial it really. Find out what works and what doesn't.
But if it does work I thought I may try and run it after school as a business, although it would be very small scale.
I hadn't thought about first aid training. That's a good idea. in fact, all these things will help. Thanks!

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Hekabe Wed 19-Apr-17 22:30:58

Hey there,
I have experience in this. First of all... is this a business venture? You need to think about your structure. How are you going to make money...i.e. who will pay you? If this is a hobby offer..wonderful! Ignore everything below!

With a club you have two options; the school, or the parents. With one you advertise directly to the parents, the school will usually let you do this though them. It means you charge a nominal fee (or term fee) so you need to work out what your costs are, and how many students you need to break even, and start turning profit.

With a school it makes invoicing easy - but you get a standard fee and thats it, which is good because you dont need to worry about numbers, but also limits you financially.

Things to consider:

- You will need insurance.
- You will need a DBS check. You need to see which authority you need this from. You may need a county issued one.
- You may need child safety certification/first aid training.
- work out how much your costs will be per class (i.e. any materials you'll need) and also any other overhead costs (insurance,
- Think about what ages you'll cover
- Check with the school to see if they will charge you for room hire. This is becoming increasingly common.
- See if other schools what to partake! Do freebies to gauge interest.
- Check how many you can have on your own. Usually its about 15.
- Check the H&S procedure.

Build your mailing list.

Best of luck!!

user1491572121 Wed 19-Apr-17 01:58:17

That's a great idea! Really good thing which I bet a lot will be interested in.

I would speak to the head before embarking on any's better to do that before surveying the kids.

She or he will also advise you on any insurance issues though you will probably be covered by theirs. YOu will need a police check.

notimetoshop Tue 18-Apr-17 22:15:35

I'd like to start an activity-based after school club - a writing club possibly a newspaper (so I think no Ofsted registration needed). Has anyone here done that? What kind of things do I need to look out for / address? I was going to set up meeting with the head - but did think possibly I should actually do some sort of survey with the kids first? (primary school)

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