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alwaysprepare Tue 04-Apr-17 14:54:31

I just moved to a coastal town with a lot of elderly people. As I am not working and there is not much career prospects, I thought of going to people's houses to cut and polish toenails for those who cannot reach them.
I am aware the AgeUK offers a similar service, however in our town they don't offer a home visit. They charge £5 upfront registration , then £15 for the service, £20 for home visit - in other towns, not here. They have NHS podiatry trained people to do this.

I have looked at foot care courses, and they charge around £600 for theory, then around £2000 to include training at a clinic. I simply cannot afford the amount.

Mine would be a basic service of just nail cutting and polish . cut/trim, file, Base, varnish, topcoat. The kind of thing you would do at home. Wash feet and file dead skin, and cream. And a quick basic massage. I thought of charging £10. I would make it clear I am not a professional who treats corns , verrucas, ingrown nails etc.

I have worked with the elderly before and see it as a way of helping while making a bit of cash on the side. I will of course take precautions with hygiene and sterilising - maybe charge a bit more on first visit, so the person can keep their own nail clippers etc. for my subsequent visits.

Any views on welcome as it's the first time I will do my own business . What should I look out for etc.


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billabye Tue 04-Apr-17 15:00:22

You would need insurance and probably should go on a mani/pedi course. There are lots of health and safety things you would need to know such as diseases of the nails and skin and how to clean and sterilise equipment etc

alwaysprepare Wed 05-Apr-17 11:05:08

Thanks Bill, that was my first option as it's cheaper to go to a pedicure course for now, and some of the training places advise on which insurance to go for.

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