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wapphighwood Wed 22-Mar-17 09:41:24

Appreciate your thoughts, I change my mind hourly!
I have a two year old dc, dp works long hours so I do most pick up/drop off at nursery. I have a long commute approx 1hour 20 mins, hate commute but only 3days, wfh 1 day, have dc 1 day. I am HATING work, I am so bored, been there over 5 years, no progression opportunities, dull miserable atmosphere of colleagues. I don't mind my day at home, I crack on with radio on. I even have a spreadsheet counting down the days until I could theoretically leave. Do I stay and ttc #2? Likely to be knackered in early months so easier if stay at current job as no effort? If I moved I would delay ttc as I don't think that does your work prospects much good. If I do move I will probably loose my day with dc :-( I don't want to keep the commute, it makes 11 hour nursery day for dc, but my type of job only really exists in the City, I will be throwing all my experience away and starting again, but what to do? Will I struggle as no experience in types of jobs or seem as over qualified. In a lucky position that salary not a massive factor due to dp earnings. I am a bag of worries, I feel wound up all the time thinking about it. Any thoughts appreciated xx

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imsorryiasked Thu 23-Mar-17 07:46:26

If you don't need to earn (or at least not very much) then leave. Do something new and enjoy your little ones. I hate my 20 minute commute and the fact that I'm always rushing to and from drop off etc.i can't imagine doing your commute even three days a week.

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