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Sage 50 guru wanted for freelance assignment, remote working.

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tw512 Sun 12-Mar-17 20:31:13

General information for the business: We buy, sell and manufacture products for the UK and worldwide

Description of support work: We're a small business based in Leamington Spa.
We manufacture, buy and sell products which are sold both in the UK and Worldwide.
Up until now we have used various Excel sheets and a manual labour intensive processes for invoicing/ordering.
We have purchased Sage 50 Accounts Professional v23 and need someone to help formulate the way in which we want to use it and implement this.
We want someone who is a whizz in Sage 50 set up and can decipher our needs into "Sage Speak" as we are aware some of our processes will need to adapt to the software. The primary function for moving onto this system is to make our internal processes easier. The secondary aspect is to make our accounts side smoother.

We want someone who can help with us for the initial set up and also ongoing / adhoc support.

As we cannot provide a tight brief, we are wanting to find someone we can work with to an approximate outline budget and who can cope with the changes as the project develops as this is a new system for us.

Feel free to get in contact to discuss.

Customer details
Price books
Contact history (CRM)
Quotes (Contract reviews)
Shipping costs
Link to Shopify website
Authority levels

Part Numbers
Product codes
Part History
Supplier Info
BOM – generation and maintenance
Configure to order

Procurement :
Supplier details
Purchase info – Order quantities, delivery, price breaks, equivalents, currency etc.
Order placement
Order tracking
Order changes
Multiple suppliers for the same part
Type of order – one off, call off, bonded etc.
Stock level – Trigger points
Inventory control

Stock Management:
Part numbers
Inventory locations
Inventory availability and reserved
Stock levels (quantity, Cost, Time)
Stock checks
Stock reporting
Bar Codes
Goods In
Pick lists (from where….. multiple locations)
Stock level amendments
Booking in
Delivery errors
Quarantine (MRB)
Booking out
Links to Couriers

Shipping labels
Dispatch notes

Entering order
Amending orders
Terms and conditions
Order acknowledgement
Customer details
Shipping address different from invoice address
Multiple customer addresses
Order reporting
Part number management
Supplier Management
Raising PO’s
Authority levels
Material allocation
Cost allocation and tracking
Inventory control
Cost amendments
Managing works orders
Closing a job
Raising an invoice

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