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ellalouise123 Tue 07-Feb-17 12:33:39

I have started to toy with the idea of buying wholesale jewellery and reselling online. I was looking for reasonably cheap jewellery and a lot of sites have unappealing websites with bad photography which put me off immediately, which got me thinking - could I do this better?

I would buy from a UK wholesaler, as if I’m correct, the wait times from China etc would be too long to guarantee stock.

I would be wanting to buy small amounts of bracelets/rings/necklaces, take high quality photos and create a small website with a good ‘look’ and resell. I can afford lay out £500 pounds initially and would do it alongside my part time job, I am well aware something like this wouldn't afford me to quit work altogether.

I was just wondering if people think there’s any value in a venture like this or is it an oversaturated market? I have good quality camera equipment/backdrops and have worked on product shoots before so could take the photos myself. My partner works for an online marketing company so could help with the social media aspect of things.

I would be focusing on branding and the website, so wouldn’t want to sell on eBay. Just wondered what people thought about reselling wholesale items.

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Hardyloveit Fri 10-Feb-17 21:02:55

This is a tricky one .......and I don't want to come across as mean or anything because I'm honestly not trying to be however
This has been done a lot and I think you will need to find a niche to stand out.

The fact that you want to buy cheap items isn't always in your best interest. I'd go with quality rather than quantity and price.

Also don't be put off by China.... unless it's actually made in the U.K. Some wholesalers will be going through China anyway.

I have a friend who buys from China and it's really good quality.

Have a look at some etsy shops and see what's a popular and if there is anything you could add etc

Charms are very popular but it's a competitive market.

I think if you found your old niche and what works for you then it could be a success but do lots of research on items which will sell etc.

Good luck smile

ellalouise123 Fri 10-Feb-17 21:52:52

Not mean at all! I am just debating the idea at the minute so any feedback is welcome.

Yeah I should have said 'affordable' not cheap, I know that cheap cheap jewellery will look naff so it's worth getting something of decent quality.

That's interesting about ordering from China, I'd been reading some business forums and people were generally negative about it but I think that was regarding ordering from alibaba itself. You're right about some wholesalers getting it from China anyway, hadn't thought about that.

I'm going to research other UK based affordable jewellery sites too and see what sort of stuff is on offer.

Thank you for your input! Really appreciated.

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Hardyloveit Sat 11-Feb-17 19:17:13

No worries and good luck with your new adventure smile smile

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