Self employment - back to employment!

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user1485276096 Tue 24-Jan-17 17:02:32

Hi guys!

I'm 26, married for 2 years, from Yorkshire. I have been self employed for around a year.

My self employment has involved modelling for big campaigns such as L'oreal. I have also freelanced and done some Graphic Design work as I have a graphic design degree.

So far self employment has been a good and bad experience -
the wondering where your money is coming in - the constant self promotion.
With everything involved I usually worked around 2-4 days a week - which is great but even though I was earning a good amount of money - ( some months less than others like any self employed person) I always felt guilty as my husband has a 9-5 office job - (even though he works from home he works In a government job) It felt like he was working more where as some days it felt like I wasn't maybe pulling my weight on the time scale side of things.. I'm not sure if anyone else has felt like that?

Some months i was earning way over what I expected and others months I would just be just pulling on by - which I guess is just self employed life - completely unpredictable..

When i had the bad months I would think about getting something part time as a 'back up'.. but then this would make me feel like a bit of failure that I had failed myself and my business.. even though I hadn't.

I started applying for part time roles and I managed to get myself an interview and bag a job which was 20 hours a week - flexible hours to suit me and whenever I want over monday - friday which I guess is the dream for many people to have that type of flexibility ... and 5 minutes from my house in an office type role.

Me and my husband want to buy a house this year and have a baby in the near future and i've started to think about that which makes me think me taking on this other job is good idea.. but my heart and freelance sole tells me no.. I'm just unsure if I'm doing the right thing.. Do I just keep pushing the dream FULL TIME or do i be sensible and go for this part time flexy role and do my other things on the side?

has anyone else been in this kind of situation of the potential of going back to normal employment partly?

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carabos Tue 24-Jan-17 17:06:40

I'm a freelance and have been for many years. I also do interim contracts and did do a proper job for three years a few years back. I can't advise you because when I get fed up with the uncertainty and take a contract, I instantly feel trapped and start working out how soon I can get out of it grin. I call it caged bird syndrome confused.

EssentialHummus Tue 24-Jan-17 17:14:01

Can you and DH buy the house on your PT salary and his earnings? Can you on your freelance salary? That would sway it for me.

user1485276096 Wed 25-Jan-17 13:44:20

@carabaos I guess because this is a normal job I am nervous of going back to working for the man after working for myself for a year.. BUT it is guarrentted money.. so I'm still unsure of what to do.. Do i take it and try it out just of the extra money or do I just focus on being self employed full time. My money head says take the part time job as well as freelancing and my heart says don't do it haha. We do want a house and a baby this year so maybe it is the most sensible idea...

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user1485276096 Wed 25-Jan-17 13:49:33

We can buy a house on my DH's earnings and my freelance earnings.

its strange because i was never looking for a new job but this literarily just came up randomly and unexpected - its less than 2 minutes from my house just an office role with some social media aspects the only thing thats making it look so appealing is the closeness and the guaranteed income as freelance is never guaranteed. My DH just said its up to me what i do as I still pay my half of the bills etc with just freelancing however I do think the part time guaranteed income would look good for the mortgage and buying a house. My head says go for it because its extra money, my freelance heart says no.. Its just hard to decide. I guess I could give it a try its not going to hurt to see what its all about and theres no pressure?

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mrsenasharples Fri 27-Jan-17 17:10:13

I'm looking for three days a week too. Have just applied for one which would be absolutely perfect and pays decent money so fingers crossed.

It was feast or famine for me last year and I had quite a few problems getting paid.

I would go for it. What's the worst that could happen? It doesn't work and you go back to freelancing full time? I think it's a wise move personally although I also suffer with 'caged bird syndrome'!

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