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Considering training as a coach as part of a portfolio career. What would I need to get started?

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MaybeDoctor Thu 29-Dec-16 12:29:27

I currently work part-time but want to move towards a portfolio career. I have been exploring the idea of training as a coach alongside my current skillset, which is mostly around teaching, training, writing and advisory work. I am doing some self-study around coaching practice and it seems to fit in very well with the way I would want to work with individuals.

I know that coaching is not yet a regulated field, therefore was thinking of getting started by offering some sessions free of charge or at very low cost. If seems viable, then I would of course seek to do a proper qualification later this year.

I would be willing to hire a room locally and offer sessions, setting out my existing qualifications/experience and being open about my status as an unqualified or 'new' coach. I have a DBS check via another organisation (although probably non-portable) and a good understanding of safeguarding, information governance etc.

The other thing I could do is try to coach colleagues in my workplace (in my own time), but I wonder if that could muddy the waters...

I assume that I would need insurance - any suggestions for a provider?

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.

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MaybeDoctor Wed 04-Jan-17 07:16:09


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