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Cheesed Off!! Arrgg!!

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nat73 Wed 19-Oct-16 12:00:31

I have been working as a self employed contractor / consultant for 5 years since my children were born. I have found about 50% of my work through a friend of mine (former colleague) who runs a consultancy. We have always had a professional but positive relationship.

Our industry is currently in a down turn and it has now lasted for 2 years. I work in new project developments and as we are in a down turn we are at the sharp end of this. This means I have worked about 12 days this year. Luckily for my DH has a pension so we are living off that.

Both my friend and I contacted a former client. Said former client did not respond to my friend but responded to me and it seems they have some work that they are looking for help with (the client discussed this with me over the phone). So I called my friend and he said he would follow up with the client and prepare a proposal. This was last week. I just emailed to ask if there was any update. He said he has met with them and he is preparing a proposal but most likely he has enough 'resources' to hand and won't need me shock! Arrgggg!!! I really need this work. Am I right to feel pissed off or is this all part of the game??

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whoopsagain Sat 22-Oct-16 10:10:00

If you have only worked 12 days this year then whatever you do it not a viable business.

Maybe a wake up call to look for another job

dodobookends Sat 22-Oct-16 11:43:43

Sounds like the 'friend' has pinched the job from under your nose.

Marmighty Sat 22-Oct-16 11:46:00

From the clients perspective they are probably not aware that you are separate from your friends consultancy. Can you not ask the friend whether you can be involved? Next time prepare the plan yourself!

nat73 Sat 22-Oct-16 21:59:00

Hmm whoopsagain I am thinking you missed the industry is in a downturn.. it took me 5 years to qualify and 2 years ago I made about £200k so I'm trying to be patient ;-). So not easy to find a new job?

Hmm he said he would involve me if they need me but still I am miffed! I guess things have become so desperate we are now at an everyone for themselves state!

Arrggg! Still pissed off!

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EssentialHummus Sat 22-Oct-16 22:02:14

That's incredibly frustrating. Can you pick up work in a related / tangential field?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sat 22-Oct-16 22:05:52

I'd be wondering how much other work he's had that he hasn't mentioned. Is he doing the work himself or has he found someone else to do your bit cheaper?

nat73 Sat 22-Oct-16 22:05:53

.. good point. I am wracking my brains...

Does anyone else have experience of working via an agency/consultancy and this kind of problem/issue? I have found one client myself in.the past. It tends to be working for very large multinationals so making a direct contract with difficult. They rather you work through an established agency/consultancy.

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Waitingfordolly Sat 22-Oct-16 22:06:30

Difficult one. If the client was originally a client of your friend's business then it seems fair enough that the arrangement goes through them, but then why did the client contact you instead and are they expecting you to work on the project? In the absence of any agreement with your friend I guess he doesn't owe you any work but on the other hand it is a bit off. I'm self employed and I guess I'd write this off as one of the annoying things that happens and use it to motivate myself to find some other work (I had a crappy situation earlier in the year so I know how frustrating it can be).

nat73 Sat 22-Oct-16 22:07:29

Hmm he rang me about a month ago to ask how I was getting on and I wonder if he is short of work
He used to have multiple clients on the go and I wonder if with the downturn he is not doing so well...

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nat73 Sat 22-Oct-16 22:10:09

Thank you waitingfordolly. It's good to know I'm not the only one chewing through these situations. You are right I should use it as a kick up the pants and move on.
I do have a contract with my friend and the client was an existing client.

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nat73 Sat 22-Oct-16 22:11:32

There's so little work going it's a bit of a nightmare. A couple of years ago I was my feet but now various friends have been made redundant...

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Waitingfordolly Sat 22-Oct-16 22:11:32

Could you come to an agreement about what work you'll get if you do market development and bring clients / work to them - if you think there is enough of a market to develop.

nat73 Sat 22-Oct-16 22:12:53

The current deal is I get 75% of the rate if they find the work and 85% if they find the work.

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Waitingfordolly Sat 22-Oct-16 22:13:30

I'm cross posting with your replies but does your existing contract say what work they'll give you? I had a quiet patch beginning of this year but I'm hectic again now.

nat73 Sat 22-Oct-16 22:14:02

... sorry wrong way round
85% if I find the work!

Anyone have ideas of professional jobs you can do working from home without having to retrain for 5 years?

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nat73 Sat 22-Oct-16 22:14:58

Hi there. No there's no guarantee of work...

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whoopsagain Mon 24-Oct-16 08:06:24

Hmm whoopsagain I am thinking you missed the industry is in a downturn.. it took me 5 years to qualify and 2 years ago I made about £200k so I'm trying to be patient ;-). So not easy to find a new job?

But you dont now- you dont have any work at all so either:

You are not good enough to be a contractor
You are charging too much for the current marketplace

If you have only done 12 days work then it cant just be about a downturn- and if it really is then you need to find something else and move on until the market picks up

When a market bottoms then only the best and/or most competitive contractors survive.

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