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Anyone know of a card payment thingy that is both pay as you go AND can do 'card not present' payments?

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yoink Tue 11-Oct-16 17:34:32

Because I'm going cross eyed looking for one!

I run a very small business and in the few months I've been doing it my clients have always paid by cash, bank transfer or paypal. However today, I had my first client who is completely unable to do any of these things and I need to take one payment from her by her debit card.

So, googling tells me that usually you pay a monthly fee to hire a machine from a bank (which would wipe out my profit), or you can get pay as you go machines but all the ones I've seen don't seem to do 'card not present' transactions confused

As I've said, this is just one client in unusual circumstances and I need to take a payment over the phone. She is not local to me and does not use the internet or have a cheque book.

Please can anyone point me in the right direction? TIA

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Chasingsquirrels Tue 11-Oct-16 17:35:52

There are apps that work like a card machine, I think iZettle is one that someone at my work mentioned recently.

yoink Tue 11-Oct-16 17:47:29

hmm, it looks like iZettle don't do 'card not present' transactions, or am I missing something?

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Chasingsquirrels Tue 11-Oct-16 20:05:01

Oh sorry, I don't know much about it - just something someone at work mentioned.

reddA Tue 11-Oct-16 20:23:36

I signed up with Worldpay Zinc as a small business, it seemed reasonable and had everything I needed, I haven't used it yet so can't give a users opinion but worth checking it out -

yoink Tue 11-Oct-16 20:52:41

I appreciate your help squirrels!

thanks redd, I'll take a look.

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yoink Tue 11-Oct-16 20:56:55

reddA, that's exactly what I need, THANK YOU! flowers

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reddA Tue 11-Oct-16 21:06:09

No probs smile

Butterfly27 Mon 17-Oct-16 02:09:15

I use PayPal Now its free to install and you can use it on a laptop, tablet or phone. It does have fees, but I pass them onto my clients as per a transaction fee i.e. 50p on top of the transaction for a debit card. You can store your customers details and email them their receipts as well.

FeralBeryl Mon 17-Oct-16 02:16:00

Another vote for WorldPay Zinc here too.
Card not present payment, Chip and pin but if you forget to charge it blush does it through your phone both ways.
Email or instant SMS receipt as well as transaction history, projections, tax sheets. It's about 2.7% per transaction but no constant outlay other than the initial £40-50
Customer services great too. Even at 1am!

I swapped from izettle as it wasn't reliable for me.

yoink Tue 18-Oct-16 11:34:08

I wish I could use PayPal - that would be so easy! But they don't do the card not present thingy.

Beryl, I'm so pleased to her you're a happy customer - I think my unit has just arrived in the post!

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NoBetterName Sat 29-Oct-16 19:38:13

PayPal Here does allow you to process card not present transactions e.g when your customer reads out their card number over the phone. You just need to process the transaction via the app, not via the card reader. I've used it lots of times in that way. It's easy and you can email or text a receipt afterwards.

NapoleonsNose Sat 29-Oct-16 19:43:16

I work for a small business and we use SagePay. Clients ring up and we take card details over the phone on a web interface. No need for a card machine. I have no idea how much it costs though.

Pigeonpost Sat 05-Nov-16 19:58:44

I've just seen this thread and am considering the Worldpay Zinc option as a card payment option for my new business (a cafe). This might sound like a daft question but I assume you need 3/4G coverage or wifi to use the machine? Doesn't say in the FAQs but I can't see how it works otherwise. I have mobile phone signal, just no 3G or 4G (unless I change provider). Any

Pigeonpost Sat 05-Nov-16 19:59:04

Anyone able to help I was going to say before I pressed send?!

Kewcumber Sat 05-Nov-16 20:12:59

I use Stripe

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