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Notonthehighstreet - any sellers out there?

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Anantara Tue 11-Oct-16 09:28:03

I have a business idea that I think would sell well on noths. It's a completely new start up for me, do noths only accept sellers who already have a presence elsewhere such as Etsy or their own website? The product is from abroad but not sold here.

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deepdarkwood Tue 11-Oct-16 09:32:42

i know a couple of ppl who see via NOTHS and both had established businesses before they were on NOTHS - one for many years (think 10+). However, both are personalised items, so they would need to have proved that they could handle that element I suppose. Sorry, not an answer to your qu really...

Anantara Tue 11-Oct-16 11:03:03

Hi deepdarkwood thanks for your quick reply, do you know how they got established? Did they build all their business online first? And do they sell a lot through noths? As I'm starting from scratch I thought it would be an easier way than trying to do my own website and get traffic to it.

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Pearlyearrings Tue 11-Oct-16 15:03:33

Have you thought about other sites such as Folksy and Etsy?
Or building your own site with a company like Create?

I am in a similar position to you: starting up a new business, initially aiming it at friends and local networking. I'm unsure whether to a) have a website that is just a portfolio and sell by making to order (as I can't afford to invest in masses of stock yet) or b) use something like Folksy or c) build a website through Create which is an e-commerce website builder based in the UK.

I've built my own website using another 'free' company (Weebly) and have managed to SEO it and get to the top of google lists in my area.

I was under the impression that NoTHS took anyone as long as your goods were quality and you were willing to pay their joining fee and commission of 25%. I know someone who is on it, who doesn't have a shop, but makes to order and has a website just as a showcase. Her full time day job is in a related field but she's not doing exactly the same in that job.

Pearlyearrings Tue 11-Oct-16 15:05:47

OP- doesn't NoTHS only take sellers who are making their goods, not importing things from overseas? I could be wrong but I thought the ethos of it was designed and made by the sellers.

Have you had a browse of their site and the T&Cs?
You apply and they let you know within a week or two.

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