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Self employment as a tutor and doing it the right way?

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babba2014 Wed 07-Sep-16 22:42:13

I read that I need to have detailed book keeping in my possession if I go down the self employed route (it would only be a few hours a week with regular income to top up the other normal job) however, the self employed job is tutoring to a adult a language which I know well and they don't. I'm not really sure how I can put much detail at all. They would simply come to my home, I'd tutor them for a hour a day, or more and they would five cash in hand and I'd have to declare it.

How can I give as much info as I can in case it is ever requested?

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Badbadbunny Thu 08-Sep-16 08:47:46

How can I give as much info as I can in case it is ever requested?

Just keep a diary/book/spreadsheet showing the dates/times you provided the tutoring, have a note of the full name and address of your customers at the back of the book, and note down the dates and amounts you are paid.

Alternatively, you could create a sheet for each customer, with a note of the dates, times and amounts paid by each.

babba2014 Thu 08-Sep-16 11:57:48

Thanks for your reply.

Is it necessary to set up a actual business bank account or can I just use a separate normal bank account in my name? I know I won't be earning loads here

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dodobookends Thu 08-Sep-16 12:45:46

My DH tutors, and he just uses his normal bank account. A lot of the time he is paid in cash, and doesn't pay it in, occasionally he will have a cheque so he pays those in as you would normally.

As long as you keep a record of your income and any relevant expenses that you can deduct from your income to give a net figure, then that's all you need. It doesn't have to go through a bank account.

If you are using your home for tutoring, then you will be able to claim a small proportion of your household utility bills as expenses as well.

babba2014 Thu 08-Sep-16 19:00:59

Thank you so much for your advice.

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