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Maths Tutoring KS2 advice please

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duvet Fri 19-Aug-16 09:41:52

I am a supply teacher and I'm looking into maths tutoring KS2. I have a few questions though which I hope someone might be able to advise me on.

When tutoring do you follow a specific scheme/book, structured resources workbooks?

If so, as time is limited do you just pick out the areas where they are weak and work on those?

How much written work do you do? I have worked with the Power of 2 books and found those really good for helping pupils, though the work is verbal more than written?

My worry is that you cant possibly cover everything in an hour a week, so is it okay to just focus on certain areas of maths work?

I'm CRB checked for supply do I need a separate one for tutoring? Many thanks in advance.

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