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iamamama Tue 16-Aug-16 13:16:07

Hello smile

I run my own business and need some help as I am due my second child very soon.

Can anyone advise me on the going hourly rate for an admin roll? The jobs will include replying to emails, some invoicing and generally keeping things organised. We're London based if that makes a difference.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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VA1983 Tue 16-Aug-16 17:58:12

I do this type of work smile I charge £10 an hour for regular weekly work or £12 an hour for one off work. I am based in Northampton. I think a London based assistant may charge more, I have seen prices advertised up to £25 an hour. If you wanted to know anything else just let me know, I have worked from home for 5 years as a virtual assistant and worked for 5 years as a PA/Adminstrator in industry before that. I am actually looking for more clients at the moment so if you were interested in considering my services I would be happy for you to PM me. I have worked for someone who is London based before. Or if you have someone else in mind I'm happy to help you with any questions about hiring a virtual assistant.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Tue 16-Aug-16 18:25:58

I pay my admin/marketing person £15 an hour (gross, as a freelancer) as she does a number of hours for me. I advertised on a local 'Mum' Facebook group and received lots of interest which suggests the rate was ok.

Good luck.

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