airbnb, how to work with the hosts

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Ldnmum2015 Wed 06-Jul-16 05:51:48

I work part time as a self employed cleaner, I love my job by the way, my problem is learning how to say NO to the recent influx of airbnb bookings I have been getting, and how persistent hosts are. I have always been clear I do a min booking of £36 or 3 hours, this is so I can cover wrc etc, I also like most self employed workers can do without last minute (or rather 25hrs notice) cancellations, when the host knows full well I have a 24hr policy, I also get bombarded with essay long text messages informing me of dates and times of their guests movements and some booking changes can take up to 10 texts before the host is happy with a slot, then we have the issues with the keys, I cant just fit their booking on my round I have to meet the host to get the key at a specific time, all the penny pinching with some hosts is unbelievable, if they could get away without buying products they would. instead you have to text them a list ffs and use floor cloths instead of a mop, today I found out just how much one of these hosts is making and I am gobsmacked, yet they ring and haggle to get a good deal by block booking, then when I allot them a specific time and day, every f*** week they ring within 25hrs to change the date, because their guest is staying another day, like i should know this, am so fed up to the point of wanting to change my number, but I need it open for work. Even when I have been firm and said no, a week later they are back texting me and clogging up my phone and draining the battery, never once offering more money for the inconvience of previously blocking up my diary so I couldn't take on more work, and never signing of with a cheers or thanks, some don't even tell you their name, like they think I saved the number!

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BeaArthursUnderpants Wed 06-Jul-16 06:25:03

Just ignore. If your phone battery is being drained by text messages, consider getting a more modern phone. Of course, if you are genuinely getting 10s of messages every day from the same person with no response from you, and you have made it clear that you are not interested in further work with that person, it could be considered harassment and you should contact the police.

starsinyourpies Wed 06-Jul-16 06:25:52

Sounds like you need to say no and find some more regular clients! Or get them to guarantee a number of hours per week with some flexibility ?

Ldnmum2015 Wed 06-Jul-16 09:30:42

Yes I def am looking for more regular work, what has happened with the last one was they contacted me with a regular Wednesday morning 3 hr slot, on confirming the date, the husband then contacted me saying as its a regular weeky thing, could they have a discount, so thinking it was regular, nearby etc I gave them a £11ph instead of £12. Then when I get to the booking the wife casually informs me that they are airbnb hosts, that I wont be needed every week and can I be flexible with their days. I just felt put upon, disappointed and now a bit annoyed. I turned down bookings to fit them in and all I get is vague and casual, when I tried to cancel saying I was fully booked, they weren't having it, texted me saying what about if I just did an hour here and an hour there, and they will def get the right products for next time, just find it really disrespectful for them to just assume that my schedule should fit in around them, to top it of I since found out how much they were charging and they wanted a discount before I even started. And yes you rally wouldn't believe the amount of texts they sent from both of them as they try to rearrange dates after their guest decides to stay an extra day, just had enough I felt lied to, conned and put on the spot, I know I need to learn to be more assertive, that is why I choose not to do airbnb

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Ldnmum2015 Wed 06-Jul-16 09:43:10

Plus I also got a text from the wife telling me how let down she felt, and how hard it is t find a replacement, how they wanted me because I was recommended because I was reliable etc, please could I just do an hour instead, as she knows I live nearby maybe I could fit them in before my first bookings at 8am or after on my way home, so basically she wanted out of hours at the same discount rate, I should laugh but this is my job and its not funny!

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