What do you think - which one? Or neither!!

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catsharingmychair Sat 25-Jun-16 10:00:12


I'm trying to decide on which start up I'll go for - both are a little off the wall so I'd really appreciate any thoughts you may have.

The first idea is to offer a 'staging' service to estate agents - for their clients. It is mostly women who have to rush around tidying and cleaning the house before work for house viewings when they are selling their house and it is utterly stressful. I'd like to offer a 'staging' service (not cleaning) where the house is tidied, all items cleared neatly, hoovered and made to look 'show home' as we all expect during visits. I'd charge the estate agents and they would have to include the cost in the percentage they charge clients. I hope this would give them a great USP and would make women use their agency as they know they'll not have to tidy manically each time.....any thoughts?

Or....(and hold on to your hats) ...a service which brushes and massages your hair - remember your mum playing with your hair and how relaxing this is? I have a couple of friends who love having this done ..but don't know if other women might like a head massage which was mostly hair massage? Is this a bit odd?

Many thanks for any thoughts!!

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LifeIsGoodish Sat 25-Jun-16 10:05:53

My favourite thing about going to the hairdresser is having my hair washed. It does indeed remind of cosy childhood, plus I love the scalp massage. But this offered on its own would have a suggestion of kinkyness to me. (Sorry!) I don't think I'd go for it unless it was part of a 'treatment' available at or with a salon or spa-type place or event.

catsharingmychair Sat 25-Jun-16 10:34:41

Thanks for this - you did make me smile too- yes I suppose it does have the potential to be seen this way!! You are right about incorporating it with something else - perhaps including it within a traditional head massage would make it seem more acceptable/appropriate all round and clients could enjoy it as such.
Did you think this a better idea than the 'staging' one- I've sold 3 houses in the last 20 years (each one individually) and the worst bit, each time, was definitely the tidying/viewings prep. I do recall actually reversing out of the house with toddler kids in tow to make sure no one touched anything or messed it up (yet) again ..so it was all 'viewable' and appealing...maybe I'm a bit OTT though...

Many thanks!

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Heirhelp Sat 25-Jun-16 10:35:50

I would not pay for either of them.

For the first one I think logistically it would be difficult for you. As a client how would you find where all your stuff had been hidden to?

yoink Sat 25-Jun-16 10:55:49

I'm sorry, I don't think either of them sound viable.

The first one would be better offered as part of a cleaning deal I think. I would not want to pay (through my estate agent) someone to come and tidy but not clean.

The second one, well you do know that masseurs exist? If I wanted a head massage then I would pay for a professional masseur.

PlaymobilPirate Sat 25-Jun-16 10:58:31

I'd not pay for either of those things. First one - I'd rather book a cleaner. 2nd is just weird!

Fairylea Sat 25-Jun-16 11:04:16

I don't think there is a market for either, sorry.

I think people who want head massages etc are likely to go to a proper salon and book one that way. You won't get enough business offering that as the only service.

I think anyone who is that fussed about having their house show home ready will hire a cleaner to do it for them.

GruffaloPants Sat 25-Jun-16 11:50:50

I don't see how you could stage a house without cleaning. It's not going to look like a show home with biscuits all over the carpet, dirty dishes on the worktop or hairs on the sink.

The second sounds very niche. I can't imagine anyone paying for that other than in some sort of fetish situation. Sorry!

catsharingmychair Sun 26-Jun-16 11:46:22

Thanks very much for all your thoughts.

The staging is I guess cleaning in all but name- it involves hoovering, wiping down the surfaces, scooping up errant items into baskets with lids (so owners can find them after!) and wiping over bathrooms and the outside of the toilet (lid down). I'm calling it staging but someone else would probably call it cleaning ..although putting breakfast things into the dishwasher (not the previous night's dinner stuff) would be included - which most cleaners don't do I think (its been a very long time since I had a cleaner and she drew the line at any items of washing up - fair enough).

Maybe I'm the only one that hates having to spruce the house on a daily basis just in case a viewing happens that day? The idea really revolves around the fact that viewings tend to happen spontaneously - for that day or the next and cleaners are busy people - they have a schedule of clients so can't necessarily drop everything to help out any clients that suddenly need new support for two hour's time or tomorrw (for example). Logistically yes it would be a challenge but it would start extremely locally and calling it staging might mean more people are happy to work in this area as opposed to some people who might not wish to work in a pure cleaning role..or is this just semantics?

I have to speak to Estate Agents to see how they feel and it they see it as commercially viable - but it's really good to hear some initial thoughts from other women, seeing as it is women who, let's be honest, tend to have to do the sprucing....so thanks.

Hair massage - I'm not sure if we are ready for this yet in the UK!! However the Vajazzle thing did earn a few bob for a few entrepreneurs!

Thanks again. x

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