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Charge for 1:1 Swimming Lessons

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EvansOvalPies Fri 17-Jun-16 16:09:58

DD is a qualified swimming teacher (and lifeguard), has been teaching for public and private schools for a while. She's just been asked by a woman visitor to the pool where she works if she would provide private lessons in her private pool (potential pupil's private pool). DD has agreed, but not sure what to charge. She's Googled, and the average price is around £55.00 per hour, which DD thinks is a bit too much to charge. I've pointed out that she will need Public Liability Insurance to cover herself for any unfortunate circumstance her pupil might find herself in, whether in her own pool or not. DD has scoffed at me "I'm a Lifeguard as well, Mum". Yes I know that, DD, but you have to protect yourself too, as you still might not be able to save that person's life if the most unfortunate of events were to happen. What if the pupil has a heart attack, or a stroke, or anything, that any amount of Lifeguarding won't be able to help.

So would someone more knowledgeable agree that DD needs PLI to safeguard herself, if nothing else? Therefore, is £55 a reasonable price for 1:1 tuition?

Thank you in advance, if I don't come back immediately to reply to any answers.

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Badbadbunny Fri 17-Jun-16 18:49:04

It's not just time on the job, what is the total time it will take, i.e. travelling to/from, changing, chatting after the lesson, etc - a one hour lesson could easily take up two hours of their time, plus travel costs, plus as you say, insurance, plus overheads, etc., etc., It's not the same as a wage, it's a business, and businesses need to charge a lot more to cover risk and overhead.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Fri 17-Jun-16 19:36:53

I would say - unhelpfully - that is probably whatever the local market can take. Can she/you/someone ask nearby teachers for a quote?

£55 doesn't sound that OTT for London. If she was organising her own swimming lesson, she could be charging c£8 x 10, so her hourly earnings would be £80, so to "give that up" (as it were) to deliver 121 then £55 sounds about right.

As you have pointed out, it isn't just a case of starting private lessons. If she isn't self-employed she will need to set herself up and probably pay tax on all the earnings if her tax allowance is used up on her employed wages.

In affluent areas people are willing to pay for 121 lessons, so it could be a good earner.

Good luck to her.

EvansOvalPies Sat 18-Jun-16 13:50:46

Thank you, Margot and Bunny. Apparently the lady only wants half-hourly lessons, and daughter would have to make about a 20-min journey (each way), so time and travel (and PLI) I think a rate of around £50 per hour (or £25 per half hr) would make sense, and not an unreasonable charge.

Thanks v much for your input, both flowers

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plipplops Sat 18-Jun-16 19:03:30

If she's a qualified lifeguard and swim teacher she must be a member of the STA/ASA or similar which would insure her for any incidents which happen while she's teaching within her qualifications (that's the whole point of the STA/ASA membership fees...

starry0ne Sat 18-Jun-16 19:11:10

I am not in London but my DS has lessons..He wasn't 1-1 but it was in a private pool rented by a company...They paid £22 for private 1-2-1 lessons with level 2 teacher..

adagio Sat 18-Jun-16 19:18:42

If it helps at all I just paid £100 for 5 days of half hour each day 1:1 for my DD in a 'school pool' (during half term), with about 5 other kids (each with own 1:1 teacher).

Not London, well worth it in my opinion - has learned basics, is now confident in the water and washing hair is so much easier!!

Bottom level if that helps - suspect might not work so well if she was bigger and trying to improve stroke as 1/6 of a relatively small pool is not a big area.

Cheeseinthetrap Sat 18-Jun-16 19:26:16

In London DD's 1 2 1 lessons cost £22 for 30 mins, so £25 sounds like the market price to me.

rainytea Sat 18-Jun-16 19:42:08

But all these quotes are for pools the teacher is at. That means s/he can have students before and after. Your DD can't, on either side. Plus, she's traveling to the client.

I reckon there are two prices here. One is 121 in the regular pool after her other classes (£25) and another for coming out to the client where she forfeits clients on either side and has travel expenses (at least double). Give the client the option and don't be apologetic about it.

starry0ne Sat 18-Jun-16 23:09:17

The other thing to factor in though is .Your DD doesn't pay for any pool hire or upkeep of the pool...

Cocodog Mon 22-Aug-16 22:57:45

most 1-2-1 swim lessons are around £25.00 which is about the normal charge these days.

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