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Thinking of training to become a driving instructor - any advice?

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negrilbaby Mon 02-May-16 22:37:43

I work part-time at the moment in education - and want/need to get out.
I have a clean driving license. I enjoy driving and have lots of experience in (and enjoy) teaching. I don't mind studying and am willing to put in the work necessary.
Is it possible to earn a reasonable salary? It would be a second salary as DH is the main earner. I want something that is more flexible to fit in around my children (6 and 8 years).
Does anyone have any experience in this field? Anyone gone through the training?
Any info gratefully received.

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Badbadbunny Tue 03-May-16 17:24:45

I've had a few clients who are driving instructors. Costs a few thousand for training/registrations etc. You can do it yourself, advertise directly, source your own vehicle, do your own admin/bookings, etc., or you can go through a franchise (and pay them a fee and percentage of your income for advertising, mgmt and car). Obviously a new (virtually new) car is needed, changed every 2/3 years, with the dual controls fitted (a few thousand). Not really too much money in it though. The ones I've had as clients have made generally £15k-£20k per year profit for virtual full time work including evenings and weekends (lots of wasted time between lessons where you have to drive from one end of town to the other etc). Franchises tend to be full of unrealistic promises as to what earnings you could achieve, so take with a huge pinch of salt if they suggest £25k+ per year!!!

iklboo Tue 03-May-16 17:31:24

DH is a driving instructor. It's good for us in one way as he can work around the school run for DS. Down side is he works evenings & one day per weekend so we don't get masses of time together as a family. At the minute I get home 45 mins before he goes out at night for lessons, then he's home for about 9pm, but as I'm up early I'm ready for bed by 10:30-11 ish.

Even so he earns around half of my salary. Franchises can be awful for taking money before you earn it. £150 or so franchise fee might not sound a lot, but when you're first starting out you might not even earn that in a week. Then you have fuel on top etc.

Check the saturation in your area as well. If there's loads where you live you may not be first choice as a newbie when people are phoning round.

negrilbaby Thu 05-May-16 22:33:42

Thanks for this info. The sales pitch did seem too good to be true - and so it probably is!

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