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Online Kidswear Business - specialising in technical sportswear product

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chocolatelover88 Mon 04-Apr-16 11:17:22

Hi all,

I posted earlier about starting up a new online kidswear business and asked a few questions about how you all shop for your LOs.

I wanted to gain more specific insight on specialist categories - namely sportswear, outdoor clothing and active footwear.

I want to write product descriptions and bullet points on my site to assist the online shopping experience (as with online you have the disadvantage of not being able to ask for assistance from a store worker).

As a mum looking for kids clothing, I'd like to know the following...

1. How much 'technical' information would you need to see listed in a product description
2. How much specialist information would you need in bullet points
3. Do you require technical features and jargon explained in the product description/bullets so that you understand the benefits and what kind of activity the item best suits (ie. running, football, outdoor walking)?
4.Would this make your online shopping experience easier, as with online you lack the ability to ask a store associate for advice?

Thank you grin

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