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Would people be interested in my proposed venture.

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ccridersuz Fri 01-Apr-16 00:29:47

Hi peeps, As yet again I have become unemployed, I have come up with a little business idea and would like some feedback.
My idea being that I would help people sell or revamp a room by papering/painting the odd wall, helping with clutter both inside and outside, plus helping with Kerb appeal and visiting vacant properties to keep them fresh and tidy.
With an emphasis on helping the elderly downsize and landlords in between tenants.
You thoughts would be very much appreciated.

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RudeElf Fri 01-Apr-16 00:34:19

Hey (whats the singular of peeps? Pep? Pop? confused)

Anyway, you want to be a cleaner who paints the odd wall?

BackforGood Fri 01-Apr-16 00:39:14

I'm not so sure about decorating - after all, there are already decorators out there - but I think the helping with decluttering could be quite popular.
Might be a bit chicken and egg with the downsizing, as you'd kind of only want someone you trusted implicitly doing this, but how do you build a reputation until you work, and how do you get work, without a reputation / word of mouth recommendations ?
I was visiting an elderly couple recently who could certainly do with help like that - they've just been in their house so long, it's impossible for them to begin to think about how they would go about moving, but they have no children or family to help them, and they are kind of stuck in a big detached family home but too overwhelmed to be able to do anything about it.
I have a friend who did this as a paid job last year, but it was only for someone that she already had a relationship with the family, and had that trust in the first place.

Alligatorpie Fri 01-Apr-16 01:01:28

I knew someone who tried this a few years ago. She would go for a consultation and give ideas, then they would say thanks and goodbye...she found it really hard to get paying clients.
I think it's a great idea but you
would need to get some experience (maybe some clients you didn't charge in return for pictures / reviews to go on your website) and charge for a consultation.

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