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Startup Idea for Parents

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kidscope Wed 23-Mar-16 00:39:27


As a working mother, I always struggle arranging groups and activities for my two boys and so with a little help from a friend I have been working on a startup for the last year part time. It's called and it allows parents to search and book children's groups and after school activities via pay pal.

For the organiser it is a one stop shop for organising their group, taking payments, subscriptions, waitlists and communication with parents

It is almost ready, still applying the finishing touches but I wanted to start getting feedback.

1) if what we're offering is clear,
2) what your initial questions are when evaluating our product
3) did we leave any questions unanswered?
4) does this interest you? Why / why not?

Thank you so much!!

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VertigoNun Wed 23-Mar-16 00:43:31

I used the mobile site and its slow, ok to navigate though.

Nothing for 5 in the area I searched, do you have anything to search?

kidscope Wed 23-Mar-16 01:09:23

Thank you for your feedback!!

we have a little bit of work to do on speed, not everything is super compressed yet

I am looking for product validation right now, we don't have a lot of groups onboard yet.

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Bryt Wed 27-Apr-16 08:32:49

I don't understand the None top activities heading.

I don't think the name makes it clear what the company is. The logo is a bit cutesy and the feel of the website makes me think you are the organisation that organises activities for children.

It's a good idea. I used to get irritated having to check so many different websites to find activities. You might be better off making it very local and getting as many activities on your site as possible and you might have to let people join for free until you build up your clients and can prove your business. A map search option would be a good feature.

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