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Starting pre-school music classes and copyright issues?

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Aeiou90 Sat 19-Mar-16 21:23:02

Good evening
I am seriously considering starting preschool music classes. I am a part time primary school teacher, my specialism is music & I play piano and sing so I feel confident with some of the skills needed, but I have no idea about the legal side of things, especially copyright. Are you allowed to use CDs made by other companies? Do you buy a licence maybe or is this really expensive? I know there are all the franchise options but as a teacher I'm happy to think of the lesson structure myself, although on the other hand the franchises do draw people in with known brands and good marketing I suppose. When I took my own child to pre school music sessions at the library I often sat there thinking the leader was absolutely lovely with the children, but I knew I could do the job just as well, (not meaning to be big head but- if not better- I don't need the words for incy wincy spider written on a prompt sheet for starters).

Has anyone ever done this and how did you find the initial take-up, did it take long to get a reasonable number coming? And if anyone can explain the copyright around CDs or point me in the right direction for finding this out I'd be really grateful.
Many thanks!

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