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MakingMove Fri 11-Mar-16 07:38:38

Why is Online Relocation service provision important for you?

1. Easy to Use: 90% of the people having access to Internet prefer
to receive answers from Packers and Movers immediately online instead of using the telephone or walking into the neighborhood brick and mortar shop

2. Faster: Time taken to complete the Online survey of household items in MakingMove on an average is two-thirds shorter than that of the traditional physical survey by the moving company

3. More Accurate: There is a smaller margin of error with MakingMove
because the users themselves feed their inventory into the system which
automatically generates the total volume to be shipped. Traditional
methods rely on the attentiveness of mover to enter all details correctly, and naturally human error can creep in whenever a person has to perform a repetitive task, often leading to wrong interpretation of the final quote

4. Quick to Analyse: The results of the online survey of your household
goods are ready to be analysed any time with our unique Save option
which allows you to visit your saved data at any given time before you proceed with that all important moving order.

5. More Selective: With an online moving service provision for
Movers and Packers, you can
pre-screen multiple quotes by way of volume generated through online
survey. This way of working allows you to compare quotes, select the best Packers and Movers in India
and save your precious time and money.

6. More Honest: Majority of the users in online survey usually provide
correct and more detailed information. Because the participants feel safe in the anonymous environment of the Internet, they open up and give a more accurate response leading to accurate generation of quotes according to what they clicked on MakingMove's online survey

7. Cheaper: We once again draw your attention to the accuracy by MakingMove in volume generation of your household articles leading to accurate and economical rate quotes. Your own survey can save you time and money on labour and packaging material and savings on costs for
the moving company thus providing a Win-Win situation to both the User and the Mover.

8. More Flexible: Gives you a distinct advantage to select the Movers and Packers in India
of your choice among the list of operators, while the Mover learns about your moving prospect only upon the confirmation of your order.

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