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CE Mark on Arts and Crafts

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UmmBum Thu 10-Mar-16 14:32:49

I'm thinking to try and design a small arts and crafts range similar for a very specific market - which I have tested and researched.

The types of things I'm thinking are scratch art bookmarks, wooden stamps, colour-in decorations, make your own badges, sun-catchers etc. Used for older children.

Can these be classed as being for educational/functional/decorative purposes or would you say these have a 'play' value? Once made, they wouldn't really be played with over and over again. I'm thinking to have them made in China.

So I'm wondering if the CE mark would apply? I think these items might be grey areas. Any ideas?

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kenbot Sun 13-Mar-16 19:56:05

Hi UmmBum,

Any product sold within the EU will need to be CE marked, in order to have this it means products have to confirm to all the correct safety standards, which in this case as they are intended to be used by children will mean EN71. Here is a link that outlines the requirements:

Hope that helps, and good luck smile

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