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Any marketers out there? How long to create a marketing plan

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OrangeSunset Wed 02-Mar-16 06:55:29

I've got an opportunity to create marketing and social media strategies for a local SME. It's my first foray into this field, and whilst I know I can do the work, I'm unsure what to charge.

I've got an idea of day rate, and understand that as its my first job I might under- or over-estimate but I want to avoid presenting the company with an outrageous fee proposal that immediately turns them off.

So, if you were creating a marketing strategy for a SME, how long is realistic? Auditing current material, situation analysis, surveying customers for customer personas, planning and costing marketing channels and activity, defining metrics. 5 days effort?!

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CurlsLDN Wed 02-Mar-16 06:57:34

I work as an Account manager for an agency, so often come up with marketing plans for new or current clients, that map out six months of work. I take two days to write the plan

OrangeSunset Wed 02-Mar-16 07:22:23

Thanks, I did think 5 days was rather over-egging it!

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sergeantmajor Wed 02-Mar-16 13:50:10

If you want to execute the campaigns for them later, you may want to charge less for the strategy up front so as to secure the longer term work.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Fri 04-Mar-16 05:59:33

It depends how much research there is. Will you be preparing a strategy doc first and then a plan? I'd say 3-5 days.

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