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tax 2015-16

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LadyLuck81 Tue 26-Jan-16 19:28:37

Is there anything to stop me putting all my figures in for the last calendar year as soon as the HMRC lets me and getting a figure so I can pay off gradually over 12 months?

This year I had to do my first return for a property rental. But only 2 months fell in 14-15 so it was easy. I've all my paperwork in spreadsheets / ring binder.

Is there any reason NOT to do this?

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TalkinPeace Tue 26-Jan-16 22:23:27

The earliest you can submit 15/16 figures is when the system goes live in the second week of April.
Taxes do not run to calendar years

but yes, filing early gives you lots of time to pay

LadyLuck81 Wed 27-Jan-16 08:07:02

I meant tax year but am clearly hopeless. (I really should know better) Thank you for confirming. It's appreciated.

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