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happyinherts Wed 20-Jan-16 20:54:00

They only pay 45p per audio minute though. If one hour of audio takes around four hours to type, that would weigh in at 60 x 0.45 ie £27.00 so less than £7 an hour. If it's a clear audio file, no interference, no awkward accents you could do it in three hours, so £9 per hour. Not brilliant, is it?

I've found my own transcription work through universities and charge them between 80p and £1.00 per minute. Don't line someone else's pocket. Set up your own agency, work your own hours and be your own boss.

CaptainCallisto Mon 18-Jan-16 22:28:38

Thank you - advice on both really!

I've got a degree in English and an MA, so I should be fine with that. I haven't tested my typing speed in a while but it used to be 85 wpm.

I shall have a look at their site - thank you!

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EssexMummy1234 Mon 18-Jan-16 21:57:37

On the tax or the typing?

So with the typing there's some info on the MSE site:

"Transcription company Take Note pays typists around £8/hour to type up audio.

You need Microsoft Word, at least a C in GCSE English and must be able bash out at least 65 words per minute. It pays per minute of audio, and not minute of your time, so it's only worth it for super-fast typists (take a speed test to see how you measure up).

To apply, you take tests in typing speed, formatting and English language. You must sign up for at least two shifts per week, roughly six hours each (evenings and weekends are available)."

CaptainCallisto Mon 18-Jan-16 12:09:46

I'm seriously considering starting to do this as a second job, with a plan to build it into full time if it looks feasible. My typing speed is good, along with spelling/grammar etc.

I've had to cut my hours at work from 40 to 16 (massive tax credit overpayment (their fault) meaning I can no longer afford childcare) and DH and I are struggling. We're managing but it's really difficult, so I desperately need to try and make up some of the shortfall.

Has anybody done something similar? I'm a bit concerned I'll end up being taxed a lot on the second job and we won't actually end up being any better off. I don't mind doing that in the short term if it means we'll be ok in the long run, but I thought I'd run it past MN first.

That's a long winded way of saying: anyone got any advice?

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