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moving into complementary therapies - advice please

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Tinwe Fri 01-Jan-16 18:07:41

Hi. I'm currently working in health care and hoping to move sideways into holistic therapy with some initial training running alongside my current job. I've got a choice of reflexology or massage and am happy to do either, whichever would be the best foundation for growing a speciality and most likely to secure clients to recoup my outlay then I can afford further training. Has anyone any suggestions please?

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Tinwe Fri 01-Jan-16 22:44:45


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LadyMaryofDownt0n Thu 14-Jan-16 21:45:12

Hi, I am trying to do the sane thing. I've finished level 1 Reiki & I'd like to do Indian head massage before I go self employed. Currently working 4 days per week so I think it's doable.

Which one are you most interested in? Have you researched them well? Will you have to spend alot if money for one or the other? That's really how I'd make the decisions, then go from there.

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